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Want Us To Be Your Guide To A Lean and Healthy Body Through Easy To Follow Lifestyle Changes?

The Healthy W.I.N.S. System May Be Right For You If...



“Our W.I.N.S. System™ is designed to be all-encompassing, tackling every aspect of your health so you can feel accomplished, and look and feel your best every single day.”

We’re Going To Show You The Exact Steps That Could Change Your Life Forever.

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Imagine waking up and feeling energized, and healthy. You put on your favorite jeans, and they are just a little looser...

It would feel so good, right?

Maybe you want a healthy and strong body because you want to...

Have more energy to play with your kids…

Have a more spicy marriage and intimacy…

Have vitality and longevity as you age…


Maybe you’ve got other goals for your new healthy lifestyle…

After using W.I.N.S. pieces and parts throughout our life and seeing individual improvements, over the last year we’ve actually developed a simple and easy to follow process that creates a healthy lifestyle not just when it comes to our fitness but in every area of our lives."

~Preston & Mariel

After using W.I.N.S. pieces and parts throughout our life and seeing individual improvements, over the last year we’ve actually developed a simple and easy to follow process that creates a healthy lifestyle not just when it comes to our fitness but in every area of our lives."

~Preston & Mariel

But why haven’t you heard about this before?

It’s Not Your Fault, the health and fitness industry is littered with quick fixes and magic pill solutions. They overcomplicate the process, expect you to spend hours at the gym, and have you eat food that's, well flavorless.

People only focus on one thing when they know they need to lose weight - workouts.

Without mindfulness, good nutrition, and a rich community and bond with loved ones, you're missing out on the holisitic version of a healthy life that we all deserve.


If you do it yourself you have 2 options...



You work out on your own and over- commit and end up burning out. You eat shakes that taste like chalk - until finally you say "This isn't worth it."



You make progress, but a few months later you are back to where you started as you weren't intentional and the bad habits slowly creep back in. You look at the scale wondering "Where did I go wrong?"

We know, because we’ve had to deal with all of these…

Hey Preston here...

Mariel and I remember like it was yesterday...

When Mariel came to the US for school she didn't realize how different life would be…

Growing up the food was fresh and wasn't highly processed...

There was lots of sunshine.

And the culture of the community was to go out every day and be active doing fun outdoor activities.

An extended family member would come over almost every night and enjoy dinner.

After coming to Idaho after a few months Mariel got sick. The lifestyle was so different and unhealthy from what she grew up with.

And I said “WAIT, WHAT?...

And she said “WAIT, WHAT?...

  • "I'm not getting the sun I used to..."

  • "I'm eating all this processed food..."

  • "I only see family from time to time here or when I go home..."

  • "I have to do hours of spin classes just to maintain my weight..."

  • "My mind is cloudy and I'm having a really hard time focusing..."

Then she realized...

"I need to go back to what I was doing before...

  • Workout in a way that was fun again...

  • Intentionally quiet my mind and meditate...

  • Nourish my body with healthy whole and unprocessed food...

  • ​Spend more time with loved ones...

That's when I found success."

She wasn't sick anymore and she got her body back into shape, her mind was clear and she could focus again.

...I grew up in A 'Fast Food American Family' so I was used to the less nutritious food, but I wasn't WINNING…

I was on the W.W.W. plan...

Work out!

Work out!

Work out!

I was training to be a professional athlete and it was important to my family that I became one.

I was good at my craft but I was suffering and wasn't making the progress I knew I could.

As a state champion pole vaulter, I was struggling to perform as I developed stress fractures in my legs.

The only thing I could do was walk away, leaving myself disappointed.

When I met Mariel - that's when things changed...

(and the W.I.N.S. System™ was born)...

We realized that our health wasn't just the working-out aspect of our lives but that there was so much more to it.

I was good at working out and goals setting (intentions), but I was missing out so much on nutrition and shining in my life.

Mariel showed me how to eat well, I started to have more energy.

She helped me to get more involved with loved ones and family and build a great community.

Where I had the W.I. of the W.I.N.S. System™ Mariel had the N.S.

Together we were able to have a holistically healthy life with W.I.N.S.

Once our health was optimized we were able to take what we learned and work with big names in the industry...

...we built and grew an amazing community to provide healthy delicious recipes, fun workouts and more.

Just to see if it would work for someone else...

We helped our family adopt these lifestyle changes too, they started to see amazing results.

With the way we showed them to workout and be present, they created the bodies they wanted and felt better than ever.

We use the W.I.N.S. System™... because it works.

Can you imagine feeling healthy spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically?

It changed how we looked at health forever...

Wake up with energy...

Eat delicious foods that are easy to make...

Feel full and satisfied after you eat...

Get really restful sleep...

Eat foods that make you feel good...

Enjoy Life with a fitter body...

Never feel bloated from food again...

Look better in your clothes...

What Will You Do With Your New Found Fitness Success?

Do You Want To Feel And Look Better?

We knew we couldn’t keep this a secret just for our clients who couldn't spend $1000+/mo on a private trainer and coach because we could make a bigger impact on moms, business owners and people around the world by helping them support their health in all aspects...

So, we opened our hearts to share this strategy with the public, and bring The W.I.N.S. System™ to the masses…

The W.I.N.S. Challenge™ was created for people who want to win their Workouts, win their Intentions, win their Nutrition and win their Shine by following a few simple and consistent activities each day…

"I have always known how important it was to have health in the 4 major areas of my life, I just never had a system to follow, with the W.I.N.S System™ I finally do."

~Abigail J.

It would have a huge impact, right?

What you’re about to learn is the same system we use with our clients to get their workout right, build the habit of mindfulness, and look and feel their best every day.

Unlike other services that ONLY help you become a “Weekend Warrior” and do nothing for your nutrition, getting more clarity and focus, or growing your support system...

We’ve created the W.I.N.S. Challenge™ to be comprehensive, simple, and sustainable so that you keep these changes...for life.

Ultimately the W.I.N.S. Challenge™ will dramatically reduce your learning curve, jumpstart your metabolism, and quickly get you on the path to overall well-being .

The W.I.N.S. Challenge™ will help you…

  • Build strength and endurance

  • Improve flexibility, mobility, and stability

  • Become more mindful

  • Get you thinking more intentionally
  • Increase your hydration

  • On the path to muscle gain and shed fat

  • Kickstart your metabolism

  • Cultivate deeper relationships

Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

"I am so much calmer in the morning with the W.I.N.S. System™. I'm less edgy at the end of the day and I feel so strong now. After tough workouts, stretching out my tensions has been so good for recovery.

I think about what I'm grateful for every day and appreciating the little things. My daughter loves the recipes and it makes getting ready in the morning so much easier.

I was always bad about keeping in touch with friends and now I have dedicated time to talk and connect with those I love most. It really is an all in one system for a healthy life.

– Kate M.

Maybe you want this lifestyle change because you want to…

Eat healthy AND delicious food

Have a fitter and toned body

Sleep better and have better mood all day long


Maybe you’ve got other plans for your new Fit and Healthy lifestyle…

Here's The W.I.N.S. System™…

You're Probably Wondering… "Will The W.I.N.S. System™ Work For Me?"

This IS For You If...

  • You’re passionate about transforming Your Body into A Fit Body...

  • You want to eat delicious and nutritious food...

  • You're willing to follow our lead and trust in our process…

  • Want to have more energy...

  • ​Want to actually enjoy getting fit...

  • You want a foolproof plan that shows you the way...

This is NOT For You If...

  • You want magic pills or quick fixes...

  • You don’t want to follow simple instructions and take action...

  • You don’t want help and support to get success...

  • You’re impatient to get the weight off and want crazy results overnight...

  • You’re Not interested in bettering all areas of your life...

  • ​You’re skeptical that you can get fit and healthy...

What if, because you joined the W.I.N.S. Challenge™, you were able to not only increase your energy but build your strength mentally, physically, emotionally and have fun doing it.

"I didn't notice how much more energy I had until I felt a little under the weather, the difference was night and day. I'm so glad that I have enough energy to feel like the Energizer™ Bunny."

~Sabrina W.

The reality is if you don’t believe in yourself by joining the W.I.N.S. Challenge™ you’ll stay in the same exact situation you’re in now and you won’t be able to get the health you deserve

What The Aspiro W.I.N.S. System™ Consists of:

PHASE 1: Workout

Beginner Weight Training Workouts

Do you want to improve your health and shape your body?

The secret lies in WEIGHT TRAINING!

We want to make sure you know that our fitness program is for BOTH females and males. Both of us have used it for years and we know it works. The only way the program differs for each of us, is simply in the amount of weight we each lift. But that’s it.

This guide gives you 28 days worth of workouts, where you’ll lift weights 3 days a week and do 30-60 minutes of cardio 4 days a week. It is challenging, but 100% doable.

Plus you'll get daily videos of exactly how to do the workouts each day.

"I felt intimidated to use weights. But now I feel confident lifting at the gym.

~Deanna B.

Advanced Weight Training Workouts

We think the best things in life come with hard work. And the satisfaction you get after pushing yourself and knowing you gave it your all, is priceless. We CAN DO IT.

So what do you say? Jump on the fitness bandwagon along with us to discover a new great way of living. You’ll notice you’ll have a lot more energy, will feel stronger and healthier, get more confidence, sleep better and naturally gravitate towards healthier eating.

This guide gives you 28 days worth of workouts, where you’ll lift weights 6 days a week

and do 30-60 minutes of cardio 1 day a week. It is challenging, but 100% doable.

Plus you'll get daily videos of exactly how to do the workouts each day.

"This workout is challenging enough for even the most experienced lifters. It's got just the right balance of movement."

~Doug B.

Cardio Workouts

Choose a cardio activity that brings you joy, and don’t be afraid to switch it up.

You can do a 30 minute HIIT class, next time a 60 minute outdoor walk, and the next a 45 minute spin class. Whatever it is, just be sure to get it in.

This will do wonders for your heart and your body in general. Humans are meant to be in motion, active, so a 30-60 minute cardio activity will sure make you feel alive and well!

"This is so much more fun than having to "grind it out" on the treadmill. One week I did kickboxing, another Tae Kwon Doe...with my crazy schedule the flexibility is great.

~Jill T.

Moving and Stretching

We incorporate stretching your upper and lower body.

You can do static stretching, dynamic stretching, and more!

You can do this on your own or follow a stretching class. We recommend stretching right before and/or after a workout. However, the more you stretch the better, so if you’re up for it, stretch often at work and also before going to bed.

"Adding stretching to my routine has helped me gain mobility and flexibility!"

~Hawk M.

PHASE 2: Intentions


The goal of INTENTIONS is to take a step back from the go-go-go and the “busy”, and let your mind focus on the SELF.

A chance to tap into your inner being and remind yourself of:

1. WHO you are

2. WHAT you are capable of

3. WHERE you want to go

Allow yourself this precious time, your brain needs it. A better brain = a

better you = better person to others. Your family will benefit from this, too!

"I love taking the "me" time to get centered and prepare for a busy day."

~Rebekah H.


Grab your favorite pen and pick a quiet place to fill out your journal.

We recommend doing it right after your 10-minute meditation, as the meditation will have you clear

minded and inspired.

"I am so much more appreciative of life now that I'm writing down what I'm grateful for every day. My mood is better and I have a better outlook on life.

~Scott P.

PHASE 3: Nutrition

The Simple Meal Plan

Our SIMPLE NUTRITION PLAN is an easy guide that will give you examples as to how to eat, and you can go customize it with your favorite proteins and ingredients.

This is a great plan to follow if you need no-fuss, simple meals or if you don’t have too much time to spend in the kitchen.

"I love the Simple Meal Plan. It takes the guess work out what I eat every day and it's so quick and easy to prep."

~Greg T.

The Advanced Meal Plan

Our 4 WEEK MEAL PLAN is a bit more detailed, giving you 5 unique recipes a day (3 meals + 2 snacks) for 4 whole weeks.

This is a great plan for someone who needs creative meal-making guidance, who craves variety and who has more time to spend in the kitchen.

"I love good food and this meal plan makes it so easy to make delicious food in batches. I never want to sacrifice taste for eating healthy."

~Eric W.


Most of us are operating in a state of dehydration and don't even know it.

By adding water into your daily routine (drink periodically throughout the day) you are going to see benefits everywhere.

Being hydrated means your skin feels better, your energy will go up, and you will eat less - often when we think we are hungry we are thirsty. By staying hydrated we will nourish our bodies with what it needs most to thrive.

"When I started hydrating regularly the difference I noticed in my skin, my energy. It's just so powerful. If you just did this one thing it would change your life."

~Jodi S.

Intermittent Fasting

When you get intermittent fasting right, you should reap the benefits quickly.

Not only should you lose weight, but you should also feel more energetic and healthy.

You’ll feel more focused and experience a wealth of health and wellness benefits.

"Before I joined the W.I.N.S. System™ I was on and off with Intermittent Fasting. Turns out I was doing it wrong. Now I'm getting the results I'm looking for.

~Ann H.

PHASE 4: Shine

Encourage Your Community

Encouraging others has its way of encouraging you, and it helps build relationships of support around you.

Helping others has always proven to be an immediate way of lifting me up, and I have felt my light SHINE brighter after doing so!

Everyone loves a good compliment, so make it bright and authentic.

"I am so glad to be able to enjoy my health with my friends and family. I can see that it is inspiring them to make better choices and they are getting fit too.

~Kathryn J.

Love On Family

Tap into your family's love language and start dishing it out.

This can be as simple as making a cup of coffee, giving a hug, telling them how much they mean to you, getting them a little something just because, or carving out time in your day to sit and connect.

Whatever it is, pick one thing a day and do it! The goal here is to bring a smile to their face.

"I love having a ritual that I do every day to nourish my relationship with my family. Something as simple as making a coffee is having a huge impact on my marriage."

~JoJo R.

Accelerator Coaching

*Included for FREE When You Become An Aspiro VIP Member Today*

Post Challenge Weekly Meal Plans

"Having meal plans prepared for me is just shy of feeling like I have a personal chef. Someone has done the work of providing dozens of tasty recipes for me - most of which I can make in 5 minutes!"

~Barbara L.

12+ Recipe Books Bundle

Get ready to make some amazingly delicious Paleo recipes that have been thoroughly tested by our team for taste and quality.

Starting any new diet or type of cooking can seem like a big task. But, we've made it easy for you with simple, step-by-step instructions and supporting pictures.

We pride ourselves in creating recipes that are delicious, nourishing, and that make you feel amazing.

Not sacrificing taste when making healthy recipes is our motto.

"I didn't know food could taste this good and be good for you!"

~Lisa E.

Nutrition Guides

Because nutrition is such a large part of our health from how we feel to how we optimize our metabolism, we created extra guides to go deeper on some of the topics when it comes to nutrition.

From our nutrition guide, to our Paleo quick start guide, and intermittent fasting you'll have the additional support you need to set yourself up for success.

Plus we even have a pre-filled shopping list to stock your fridge and pantry with the healthy foods found in our meal plans.

"The guides are so helpful. I was able to learn more about topics I was already in to and got so much support and guidance thru this process."

~Sandy M.